Let’s Get Spooky!

This isn’t really a full post but I’d just like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween(!) and post a pair of podcasts we recorded on the TitanCast for the spooky season. We did a deep dive on the Kenji Eno/WARP breakout horror adventure game, D, as well as a lengthy chat about Funcom’s Casper. My friends Derek and Roberto joined us for each of those, respectively.

Check ’em out (both the games and the podcasts)!

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A Virtua Vacation: My Top Summer Gaming Destinations

I continue to relish the pastimes of summer gaming. Granted, I’ve grown more cynical over the years and the mass of toxic fandom cesspits, uncritically regurgitated nostalgia, and insatiable hype cycles ring hollower than ever. Still, I’ll take simple joys where I can find them. By wading through several summer-themed and summer-adjacent video games, I’m finding my beach, as they say. Whatever the weather outside — be it heatwaves, wildfire smoke, oppressive humidity, or January in July — I can count on these titles to bring the breezy summer vibes in spades.

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