Something New

I’ve been playing a ton of games during quarantine. Sometimes sporadically. Sometimes obsessively. Recently, I’ve posted random tidbits about some of them on Twitter and occasional essays on of varying quality on the Dreamcast Junkyard. In addition to those, I’ve decided to try my hand at a new gaming blog site (the very one you are reading).

The mountains of Guilin in Shenmue III

I miss traveling. Sure, I hadn’t done it as much as I’ve wanted and haven’t done any since the start of the pandemic. However, I have spent plenty of hours visiting seaside Italian towns, ancient rural Chinese communities, Yokohama, and Manhattan over the past few months, if only virtually. Despite that distinction, I’ve been surprised at how these experiences have helped scratch a very real itch for me. Although I cannot taste their cuisine or connect meaningfully with their people, I can discover, inhabit, and engage with their worlds in ways that genuinely spur my curiosity. I dunno. Perhaps that overlap is worth exploring.

At any rate, I thought it’d be fun to use this site to chronicle some of my impressions and experiences in those virtual spaces, and to work out my other random thoughts about gaming as a medium. Honestly, I can’t say how frequently I’ll post or how long I’ll keep it up…probably not often and maybe not long. I have no idea where this will lead but maybe that’s kind of the point.

At the very least, I hope this blog will be a more productive outlet for all the time I’ve spent with Hitman and Shenmue than my atrocious image editing skills (pictured above).

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